SilverToken and SilverDollar

It’s simple.
SilverToken is an evolutionary monetary system using the real asset of silver as the basis for digital money. SilverToken money started as a 1:1 allocation of physical silver but has grown from transaction fees. These accumulated fees occur whenever the money is sent, spent or traded and then proportionately redistributed to SilverToken holders as a velocity-based yield. These yields grow as the user base grows and recur forever, creating a monthly income for users from the everyday transactions and holdings.

SilverTokens mean Silver Ownership

Silver as SilverTokens

Why silver? Precious metals are one of the most stable assets to store value, and keep wealth protected even when government currency fails and the economy is uncertain. SilverToken is the simplest way to buy, sell, and transact with silver. We store and insure the physical silver free.

Learn How To Get SLVT

Save, Transact and Grow SilverTokens

When you own SilverTokens (SLVT) you own silver. You can keep it as a safe investment, or use it to transact with others. In the meantime, your SilverTokens grow in value in two ways. One is the appreciation of silver: as silver increases in value, the SilverTokens you own are worth more. The second is transactional fees: These accumulated fees occur whenever the tokens are sent, spent or traded and then proportionately redistributed to SilverToken holders as a velocity-based yield, increasing the silver amount of each token.

Using SilverTokens

Redeem Your SLVT To Silver

SLVT means you own silver and you are actually free to get the physical silver any time you want. Many investors hold silver or gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in their portfolio, but these shares don’t represent physical metal and do not shield your wealth from unpredictable events. That’s why SilverToken (SLVT) can be redeemed for silver anytime, be shipped anywhere, or be picked up from any of our private vaults, no questions asked.

How to Redeem

Transact SilverDollars

When you need a stable money that is always redeemable for $1 USD of silver use SilverDollar SLVD. SilverDollar is what government money was prior to 1971 when you could simply exchange your money for the precious metal represented. New technology allows you to use SilverDollars anytime, and anywhere as money.

Using SilverDollars

Receipt Money

Both SilverToken and SilverDollar are Receipt Money that allow you to transfer your ownership of silver for goods or services. Your Digital wallet lets you see you balance and the BlockChain confirms all transactions. Receipt Money is your proof of silver ownership that is easy to use, no questions asked. Get "Receipt Money"

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