Silvertoken's mission is to have money represent silver. This is sound money, free from the manipulation of governments, banks and free their debt.


What is SilverToken (SLVT)?

SilverToken (SLVT) is a digital receipt for the purchase of silver (also known as a - "Warehouse Receipt", "Claim Check"). Every SilverToken represents 1.0138657792567942 oz. of silver fully allocated, vaulted silver. Silver is perfect for storing wealth but very difficult to store, transport and spend. With the creation of "Block Chain" it allows you to use silver ownership as digital money. When money is represented by silver the money holds value. What will your government issued currency be worth in 5, 10, or 100 years? Silver has continually held value for thousands of years. So, now silver ownership is now usable digital money and a great place to protect the value of your money.

Redemption is easy. Since all SilverTokens represent silver, you may choose to redeem your tokens for silver, or we will purchase them back at any time.

Otherwise, SilverTokens may simply be held allowing you to benefit from free storage and growth / yield. Growth occurs as transaction fees are generated from SilverTokens and SilverDollars. The transaction fees are used to purchase more silver to increase the silver allocation of all SilverTokens in circulation. As more silver is purchased from transaction fees, each SilverToken represents more silver. As the allocated amount of silver of each SilverToken increases, the amount of silver you own also increases creating growth / yield.

You can also put any silver you currently own to work. Keeping your silver piled in your basement isn’t a bad idea but, what if you could earn more silver with your silver stack? Tokenizing the silver you already own into SilverTokens, can put your silver to work. You can now benefit from growth / yield.

SilverTokens represent silver that will always retain value regardless of government debts and central banks.

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What is SilverDollar (SLVD)?

The New Silver Standard - SilverDollar (SLVD) is money fully represented by vaulted silver. SLVD works like government currency prior to 1971 - because it is legal ownership of silver and redeemable for silver on demand. The price of SLVD is always $1.00 USD, no matter what happens to the price of silver. It is stable money for daily purchases, and people seeking protection from inflation. By fixing the price at $1.00 USD, you are able to easily and reliably figure out the price of goods or services. This is much easier than trying to figure out how much something costs in Bitcoin. Transaction fees are .45% and used to grown the amount of silver each SilverToken represents.

SLVD is more stable than cryptocurrencies backed by Dollars, Euro or Yen. Backing a digital token with government money does not solve the problem of inflation or purchasing power erosion, it simply makes the problem digital. Backing SLVD with $1.00 worth of silver means you always know the purchasing power of your money.

Silver Bullions Stacked

The Silver

Silver is at the cornerstone of the SilverToken organization, so it’s important all vaulted silver meets or exceeds specific standards. For example, the silver content in sterling silver misses the mark; this silver isn’t pure enough. We only vault 99.9% pure investment grade silver to back SLVT and SLVD. It’s important your SilverTokens and SilverDollars represent silver recognized in the international precious metals market. It is also a good practice for all vaulted silver to be uniform in weight and purity. International standards for silver have been outlined by the London Bullion Market Association and these standards are commonly referred to as “Good Delivery”. Although we do not agree with everything the LBMA does, we can agree that the international standards they have proposed are a good starting point for miners, minters, refiners and SilverToken alike.

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Silver Bullions Stacked

SLVT and SLVD Token Details

Token Name SilverTokenTM SilverDollar
Decimal Places 8 8


Ethereum Network

Ethereum Network


Market price of silver

$ 1.00 USD

Storage and Insurance
Cost for Silver



Best Use

Ownership of .999
Investment Grade Silver

Easy Transactions and
"Stable Coin"

Tokens Represent

Ownership of .999
Investment Grade Silver

SilverToken Reserve Account


Transaction Fee Growth

Rewarded by volume

Ratio as of 3/01/2019

1 SLVT = 1.0138657792567942 oz. silver

Varies with the price of silver.

Growth / Yield as of 9/15/2019

1 SLVT = 1.0138657792567942 oz. of silver


Transaction Fee

Less then is 2 = Free
Between 2 and 500 = 1%
More then 500 = 0.8%

Redemption Fee for Silver

1% of SLVT redeemed plus shipping Must first convert to SLVT.

Buy Back in USD

Minimum 100
$1 below spot price
Large amounts call for quote.
Must first convert to SLVT.

Tokenizing Fee

5% of Silver (includes fully insured shipping)

Tokenize to receive SLVT then convert to SLVD