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Tokenize your Silver and give your stack liquidity and growth

Convert your silver to a safe digital currency.

Keep Your Silver Safe and Watch it Grow

Is your silver stack dormant? Apply below to convert your silver into Silvertokens.

CONVERT: Receive a 1 to 1 exchange,  1 oz. of Silver = 1 Silvertoken
GROWTH: The fee from each completed SLVT transaction purchases additional silver to back the Silvertokens on the blockchain creating value and growth for holders of SLVT.
TOKENIZE SILVER: Safely convert your silver into SLVT held in your Ethereum wallet.
STORAGE: All silver is held securely within the SWP’s Cayman Islands vault. SLVT holders do not pay any storage fees.
INSURE: All vaulted silver is fully insured by a comprehensive policy underwritten by Lloyds of London.
REDEEM: Redeem Silvertokens for your silver anytime.

Precious Metals Eligible to Tokenize

Most investment grade precious metals are accepted into our tokenizing program.

Gold, Platinum and Palladium ounces will be converted into silvertokens at a fair market value at the time you confirm your shipment order. Accepted precious metals must be produced by a reputable sovereign mint or meet the following purity standards: Gold .9999, Silver .999+, Platinum .999+, and Palladium .999+

Tokenizing Application

Complete the form to apply to the Tokenizing Program and deliver your precious metals to the vault.

Complete the Application

Begin by completing our form.

Your Application is Reviewed

If qualified, a SWP Representative will contact you to discuss the delivery process.

Deliver Your Silver

Use the USPS Registared Mail service, fully insured shipping label to mail your silver.

Receive Your Silvertokens

Your Silvertokens are delivered directly to your Ethereum Wallet.