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Governments around the world are bankrupt the only way for them to get more money is to print it.

This excessive money printing can lead to inflation, devaluing the currency and causing economic instability.

Where does it end...

Global Governments on the Brink

Governments worldwide are teetering on the edge of financial collapse, resorting to desperate measures such as relentless money printing just to stay afloat.

The alarming consequence of this reckless approach is an inevitable surge in inflation, rapidly eroding the value of the currency and plunging nations into unprecedented economic chaos.

The pressing question remains: How far will this perilous cycle of financial mismanagement go, and what devastating repercussions will it unleash upon the global economic landscape?

A Silver Haven Amidst
Economic Uncertainty

In an era of economic uncertainty, people need a reliable haven beyond just inflation concerns. Silver Token emerges as a unique solution, offering ownership of physical silver. It not only guards against the erosive effects of inflation but stands resilient against broader financial uncertainties like market volatility and currency devaluation. This user-friendly option provides a stable refuge in the complex landscape of global finance.

Getting Started


Choose your digital wallet

Select a digital wallet that suits you. We prefer MetaMask.

Add token addresses to your wallet

Ensure you add Silver Token (SLVT) and Silver Dollar (SLVD) token addresses to your wallet.

Acquire Matic and USDC (Polygon) tokens

Get ready with Matic and USDC (Polygon) for purchasing SLVT and SLVD on the Polygon network. For the Ethereum network you'll need to Acquire Eth and USDC (Ethereum)
SilverToken Swap image

Use Silver Token Swap

1. Swap USDC (Polygon) to Silver Dollar (SLVD) 2. Swap SLVD to SLVT.

Why Silver?

Silver, Trusted for Thousands of Years as Stable Store of Value.
Many people worry about:

SilverTokens are
Silver Ownership.

Silver Tokens (SLVT) represent ownership of physical silver. The digital format of SLVT makes it easy for you to buy, sell, and own silver, or to use it as money.

Ownership of SLVT is secured by the Ethereum blockchain, the most decentralized and trusted digital asset platform.

When you buy Silver Tokens, you are buying physical silver. Each token currently represents ounces of investment-grade silver.

With Silver Token, 50% of transaction fees is used for adding more silver to the vaults, increasing your silver ownership over time.

Use Silver Token Swap for seamless buy and sells.

Buy Silver Tokens (SLVT)
with USDC on the Ethereum or Polygon network

Hold Silver Tokens, or use Silver Dollars as money
Relax knowing the value of your money is protected
Getting Started is Easy

Own Silver
Protect Your Wealth,
with Sound Money

Don’t risk waiting any longer.
Secure your wealth today.

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