Silver + Blockchain = SilverToken (SLVT)

The simplest way to use silver as money.


Sleep soundly knowing your money’s value isn't being eroded by inflation.


All silver bullion is 99.9% pure meeting LBMA international purity standards for Good Delivery.


Your silver bullion is kept safe within fully allocated UL Class 3 Rated private vaults.

Getting SilverToken (SLVT)


Buy Silver

The easiest way to purchase and own silver with free vaulting included is SilverToken (SLVT).


Transact with SLVT

Use SLVT like any other digital currency with your choice of wallet.


Benefit from Growth

The small transaction fee for sending SLVT is used to increase the amount of silver you own.


Redeem for Your Silver

Let us vault your silver or redeem your SLVT to get your silver delivered.

What People Are Saying

“I made maximum gains trading Bitcoin and required an asset to keep my gains. I wanted real asset and so I found Silvertoken. Many thanks from me and my family.”

Vikram G.

“My partner kept nagging me to clean out our basement but a lot of what she wanted me to clean was my silver hoard! I was able to ‘tokenize’ some of my silver and free up my basement, that and I don’t have to worry about getting robbed!”

Giraldo W.

“The world is a delicate place, economies are becoming increasingly more delicate. What will be the catalyst for the next meltdown? I have no idea but I’m prepared for whatever may come with silver”

Samuel L.


Many people are left feeling hopeless watching their money and investments lose value each day. So we developed a digital currency that provides growth and stability in good times and bad. This brings confidence to your financial decisions and frees your mind from worry. SLVT is fair money and made possible by using silver bullion. SLVT is backed by vaulted physical silver you can hold in your hand instead of just a worthless piece of paper people have become accustomed to using.

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Simple Pricing


A maximum of 1% per transaction.


Free vaulted storage included.


5% of metals tokenized.

Redemption Fee

4% of silver redeemed.

Fully Insured

Keeping your silver safe and secure is a top priority. It’s why we use the best vaulting companies in the world with the most secure vaults available. But even then, what if something rare and catastrophic happens? Don’t worry, we always have you covered.

All vaulted silver bullion is fully covered by an insurance policy underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. This means even in an extremely unlikely event, your silver is fully protected with a policy that won’t let you down. Best of all, coverage is included free when you own SilverTokens (SLVT).


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