Silver + Blockchain = Silvertoken

Stable Secure Money

99.9% Grade Investment Silver

Silvertoken (SLVT) is a digital currency backed by silver, which utilizes a blockchain, allowing users to purchase and transact with physical silver.

Each Silvertoken represents 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure investment grade silver bullion.

Silvertoken has partnered with Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP), a private fully-integrated global precious metals vaulter, to oversee the secure storage of the silver reserve for our community.

SWP is approved storage facility for precious metals held within self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) for American citizens, and also the approved distributor of the Royal Mint of England, Perth Mint of Australia and several LBMA and COMEX approved refineries.

Thus, Silvertoken has combined the store of value characteristics of silver with usability of Ethereum to create SLVT. Silvertoken is a vehicle to store wealth and protect present value from future devaluation.

All SLVT tokens are fully redeemable for the silver they represent.

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The Problem

Money like the dollar, euro and yuan we use today are all paper fiat currencies. Each currency is continually devalued and inflated, driving purchasing power directly towards zero. People holding these currencies need more and more to purchase the same goods as central banks print an endless amount of paper money.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offer an alternative to fiat currency but lack tangible value and thus are significantly too volatile for mainstream adoption.

Throughout history, all fiat currencies have failed and their value has plummeted to zero. The 21st century has seen the currency inflate in Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina and many others.

The world needs a non-inflationary, stable and sustainable currency.

Fiat Currencies Hyperinflated and failed in the 20th Century

Bitcoin's annual price volatility is 3x greater than Silver's

Governments have been devaluing currencies since 211BC

Benefits of Silvertoken


Silver is more stable in terms of volatility compared to Bitcoin by 300%

99.9% Pure Silver

The reserve is comprised of investment grade .999 pure 100 ounce silver bars

100% Backed

All Silvertokens are fully backed by silver, ensuring a non-inflationary currency


The silver bullon is stored in a high security vault and the token works on a blockchain that has never been hacked


Transaction fees are used to purchase more silver to continually grow the silver reserve, increasing the value of each Silvertoken


Each Silvertoken is redeemed for physical silver shipped directly to you


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Silvertoken (SLVT) is a digital currency fully backed by securely vaulted investment grade silver. Silvertoken provides stability for currency and traditional investors alike. Protect your purchasing power from decline and avoid market downturns.

Silvertoken runs on the Ethereum Network and is
ERC20 compliant.

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Coming Soon

Reserve your spot in line to get StackerTokens first! Holders of the token receive a discounted transfer fee when sending Silvertokens and the opportunity to vote on community decisions. StackerTokens will be available to the public later this year and may be earned by helping the community.

StackerTokens will be made available to those who reserved a spot in line and current holders of Silvertokens, before being offered to the general public.

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Silvertoken Card

The Silvertoken Card will allow further usability of SLVT in daily transactions. By utilizing existing infrastructures set in place by payment processors, SLVT may be spent just like widely accepted government currencies. The Silvertoken Card will be made available for a test group early in 2019.

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