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Make Your Money
a Sound Asset,

The simple, cost effective way to purchase and manage silver privately. So simple use it as money.

A Safe Haven Investment

Many people want to protect the value of their money, but struggle to find a stable investment option that is easy to access and use.

SilverToken gives you direct ownership of silver, verified by blockchain techology.

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As Banks and Governments reduce the value of your currency, you need the to own assets like silver that have held value for thosands of years.

Your currency is losing value as trillions are created. Here’s some good news: you can buy more silver today than you can tomorrow.

Our company is named SilverToken™ for the money we create. These SilverTokens™ unite the historical value of silver with the latest digital technology.

As you’ll discover, the tokens have significant advantages over Bitcoin and all other currencies.


As Banks and Governments create infinite amounts of their currency,
the problems of inflation and the
erosion of purchasing power remain.

SilverTokens, the New Silver Standard

Enjoy the end of currency uncertainty. SilverTokens offer secure savings.

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If you live in a country with high inflation or government uncertainty,

it’s especially comforting to know the silver you purchase from us today will have the same 1:1 purchasing power against the USD next year or ten years from now.

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If you’re purchasing US Government bonds or holding US Dollars

or cryptocurrency, we urge you to consider the timeless value of physical silver as a secure investment and our SilverTokens as a secure alternative.

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If you live in the USA,

you can invest in silver as a safe haven because even the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency loses purchasing power every day.

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SilverTokens (symbol SLVT) represent your direct ownership of silver. Blockchain makes your ownership easy to hold, or use as money.

Transactions are processed on the Ethereum Global Network, the leading most trusted blockchain.

When you buy SilverTokens, you are buying silver. Each SilverToken can only represent more silver. They currently represent ounces of investment-grade silver. The value of each SilverToken last year (2020) increased over 60%.

Our SilverTokens are different than other money, not only because their value represents silver in our vaults, but also because the value of the tokens you hold increases. This increase is from holders receiving 50% of the transaction fees.

If you ever decide to cash in your SilverTokens, we’ll buy them back at the spot price of silver anytime – guaranteed. Instant Buy Back...

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Instant Buyback Guarantee. Use with confidence.

We stand behind our SilverTokens because they represent physical silver in our vaults. our vaults. Anytime you want to redeem your SilverTokens, we’ll buy them back instantly at the spot price of silver – guaranteed. We have the only silver instant buyback guarantee, and we make it easy 24 hours a day.

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are Real Money

Now you can directly own silver,
verified by blockchain technology.


Purchase with Confidence

Anytime you want to redeem your SilverTokens, we’ll purchase them for the Spot Price of Silver – guaranteed.

Real Asset

Our company provides private, direct ownership of silver, represented by our SilverToken, which is a digital receipt for the silver you buy from us. It has worldwide digital liquidity and can be exchanged for silver at any time.


Silver has been used as money for thousands of years because it has a history of holding value.


The physical silver you buy from us is stored in 11 private vaults in politically neutral countries and fully insured by Lloyd’s of London.

The value of SilverTokens is independent of governments, banks, and other risks from the financial system. As a result, your investment is protected from inflation and eminently safe.

You’ll be in good company. Our vaults hold precious metals for some of the world’s most famous and wealthiest people.

Private Ownership

When you invest in our tokens, you invest in private ownership of silver. The transactions you make with your SilverTokens are just like cash. No personal information is required to complete them.

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real money in the brick-and-mortar world

How The New Silver

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Since every SilverToken is your direct private ownership of investment-grade silver, it can be used as real money, sold for US dollars, or redeemed for silver.

The tokens can be used for transactions just like any other money. But unlike other money, the value of every SilverToken is stable because it represents direct ownership of silver.

Each time a SilverToken is used in a transaction, a 1% transaction fee is incurred. A portion of the fee is used to increase the silver each token represents. As a result, the more SilverTokens are used as money, the more silver your SilverTokens represent.

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Guaranteed redeemable for physical silver anytime.