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Silver + Blockchain = Silvertoken

What is Silvertoken?

Many people are left feeling hopeless watching their money and investments lose value each day. So we developed a digital currency that provides growth and stability in good times and bad. This brings confidence to your financial decisions and frees your mind from worry.

And did we mention we use real silver? Silvertoken is backed by physical silver you can hold in your hand instead of just software that could get deleted.

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The Problem

Greedy bankers and rocky markets are destroying your money. The stock market goes up but your money’s value goes down; that’s bad. Food prices rise but you’re salary is the same; that’s really bad. Your kids finished college but their low salary keeps them stuck at home; well, that’s just annoying but still also bad.

You didn’t ask for all these bad things but who’s to blame? Bankers that’s who. They print unlimited money for themselves and laugh all the way to the bank. Actually, they’re just laughing, they’re already at the bank.

But who cares, right? You care. You’re the one the bankers are robbing. The more money they print, the more prices rise and the rockier markets become.

Haven’t they always done this, so again who cares? Again, you care. Unlimited money printing only really began in the modern era and it is getting out of hand. So far every time they’ve printed unlimited money, they’ve bankrupted countries and destroyed people's life savings. Venezuela, Greece or Zimbabwe sound familiar? If you want to survive this slaughter, you need real assets like Silvertoken.

"Fiat" or Government Currency is getting crushed by bankers.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are just as unstable.

Bankers are printing money at a dizzying rate.

Why Silvertoken?

Stable Value

Silver bullion backing gives your money stability.

99.9% Pure Silver

All vaulted silver meets the LMBA Standards for purity.

100% Silver Backed

Silvertokens are fully backed by silver bullion.


Bank grade vaults and an immutable blockchain ensures next level security.


Increasing the silver reserve means more silver for you.


Exchange your Silvertokens for real silver anytime.


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Silvertoken (SLVT) is commodity money fully backed by vaulted silver. Silvertoken provides stability and growth for investors and consumers. Silvertoken protects your purchasing power from inflation and market decline.

Silvertoken’s blockchain runs on the Ethereum Network and is
fully ERC20 compliant.

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SilverDollar is a stable currency always worth $1 of physical silver. It's perfect for traders or everyday consumers for sending money around the world. Its consistent price makes it easy for everyone to understand. Easily swap SilverDollars for physical silver. SilverDollar finally solves the problems of fiat money by adding tangible silver.

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Are you concerned what irresponsible bankers may do next? We’ve designed Silvertoken to help preserve your money so you can watch it grow instead of dwindle to zero.

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