The First Money to Represent Silver Since The 1960s, When JFK Was President

John F. Kennedy was the 35th President of the United States serving from 1961 until his assassination in 1963. He was a strong advocate for sound money and fiscal responsibility, and he believed that a stable and reliable currency was essential for the well-being of the country and its citizens. As President, Kennedy worked to improve the stability and integrity of the US dollar, and he took steps to curb inflation and ensure that the nation’s financial system was strong and resilient.

In addition, JFK implemented a number of measures to try to curb inflation and strengthen the nation’s financial system. Some of the specific steps he took included:

  1. Increasing interest rates:  Kennedy raised interest rates in an effort to reduce the amount of money in circulation which can help to curb inflation.
  2. Tightening monetary policy:  Kennedy also worked to tighten monetary policy by working with the Federal Reserve to reduce the supply of money and credit.
  3. Implementing fiscal austerity measures:  Kennedy implemented a number of fiscal austerity measures, including cutting government spending and increasing taxes, in an effort to reduce the budget deficit and reduce the amount of money in circulation.
  4. Strengthening the dollar:  Kennedy also worked to strengthen the value of the dollar by increasing its convertibility into silver.
  5. Promoting economic growth:  Kennedy also took steps to promote economic growth, including cutting taxes and reducing regulations, in an effort to stimulate economic activity and increase the overall strength of the nation’s financial system.


Kennedy’s Executive Order 1110 Influence On Silver

John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order 1110 on June 4, 1963. This order authorized the issuance of up to $4 billion in silver certificates which were paper currency that could be exchanged for silver coins or bullion. The purpose of the order was to increase the amount of currency in circulation and to help stabilize the value of the dollar which had been under pressure due to inflation and international trade imbalances.

The issuance of silver certificates under Executive Order 1110 had a significant impact on the silver market. The US government began to release large amounts of silver from its stockpiles in order to meet the demand for silver coins and bullion which caused the price of silver to rise. This, in turn, led to increased mining and production of silver as well as speculation in the silver market.

Some people believe that Executive Order 1110 was an attempt by President Kennedy to break the power of the Federal Reserve System and increase the power of the federal government over the economy. However, there is no evidence to support this claim, and it is generally considered to be a conspiracy theory, but 4 months later he was assassinated.

  1. Then, another 4 months later,  Secretary of the Treasury Clarence Douglas Dillon halted the redemption of silver certificates for silver. Then, on June 24, 1968, all redemption for silver stopped.  Today, the trillions in currency governments create are represented by nothing of real value. 

Since then, we have yet to see any money representing silver in such a significant way. All of that changed in 2017 with the introduction of SilverToken (SLVT).

What is SilverToken (SLVT)?

SilverToken is a digital token that represents privately-vaulted silver bullion. Just like the certificates JFK created, it is redeemable for silver. 

The Difference Between SilverToken and JFK’s Certificates   

Both are very similar, but SilverTokens also increase in the amount of silver they represent from sharing part of the 1% transaction fee.  BlockChain Technology makes transaction fees simple to collect and distribute in a decentralized manner.

SilverToken has JFK’s Blessing

Silver has become more valued by many modern industrial applications, boosting its historic reputation as a stable store of value. This makes silver a highly appealing investment and an excellent way to protect your wealth during times of economic uncertainty. 

SilverToken brings back the days of JFK when money represented tangible silver and could not be debased. SilverToken has the stability and integrity all government currency is lacking by helping to curb inflation and ensure the money people use is strong and resilient. We believe if JFK was still alive, he would have created Silver Token.

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