Get Silvertokens Instantly

The Silvertoken (SLVT) Smartcontract

The digital silver that lets you protect your wealth is Silvertoken (SLVT). It is a smartcontract running on the Ethereum Network where redeemable Silvertokens can be purchased 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Physical silver is allocated to all purchased SLVT at our partner’s secure vaulting location.

After Receiving Silvertoken (SLVT)

1. Keep Your Silvertokens Safe

MetaMask and are both great places to manage your Silvertokens in your Ethereum Wallet, but both are only as safe as your network and computer security. As an added layer of protection, we recommend using a hardware wallet.  The two most popular hardware wallets are the Trezor and the Ledgar Nano S.

2. Check Your Silvertoken Balance

Your Silvertoken balance may not be visible at first because the Silvertoken Smartcontract must be added to your Ethereum Wallet after purchasing Silvertokens.

Smartcontract Address: 
Symbol: SLVT
Decimal Places: 8

Instructions on Adding the Silvertoken Smartcontract: Instructions or Metamask Instructions.

3. Trade Your Silvertokens on an Exchange

Silvertokens will soon be available to buy or sell on different cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply send your Silvertokens to the exchange to buy or sell for other cryptocurrencies. An announcement will be made each time a new listing occurs.

4. Redeem Silvertokens for Silver

Silvertokens by design will always be redeemable for physical silver.  Each token will never be redeemable for less than 1 OZ of .999 pure silver.  Our redemption platform.