Silvertoken Protects Your Gains

Protect your gains with a crypto backed by real silver, the ultimate insurance policy against a volatile cryptocurrency market.
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Silvertoken (SLVT) = Silver

Each silvertoken represents 1 troy ounce of .999 pure silver insured and securely stored in a Class 3 UL vault.

Silvertoken is a digital currency which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain allowing users to invest in and transact with physical silver. Easily convert your Ether or silver into silvertokens. All silvertokens are fully redeemable for the silver they represent.

Protect Your Gains

You earned profit through your crypto investments. Now keep it!

Silvertoken offers you the liquidity of a cryptocurrency along with the inflationary protection and stability of a precious metal. Silvertoken also protects your purchasing power better than Tether or the dollar.

Tangible Token Value

Silvertokens have intrinsic value because they represent tangible silver.

Silvertoken is your digital receipt for the purchase of silver and protects your purchasing power unlike government-issued currencies backed by nothing. Silvertoken, backed by silver, will keep your money and purchasing power safe against any market “bubble”.

Spend your Silvertokens.

Unlike physical silver bullion, silvertokens are easily spendable.

Whether you’re a spender or a saver, easily spend Silvertokens like you would Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency while safely storing  your Silvertokens (SLVT) in your Ethereum wallet. Holding your Silvertokens in an Ethereum wallet means your tokens are secured by one of the world’s most prominent blockchain. If you prefer a hardware wallet offline, we recommend the Trezor or Ledger Nano S.

Silvertokens… Created To Give You
Security and Stability

MONEY you can trust.