How it Works

It’s simple. Silvertoken is a digital currency that utilizes blockchain technology allowing you to easily save and spend vaulted silver bullion. It is the easiest way to own silver bullion without dealing with the hassle of storing silver yourself. Everyone knows owning precious metals is a good idea but the process may seem daunting. From buying your first silver to watching your silverstack grow, we’re here to help on your path to protecting your financial future. The process is simple and if you have questions, just ask.

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Buy Silvertokens

We understand the future is uncertain and you want to make the best decisions for your future today. We believe the best insurance policy against uncertainty begins with silver. That’s why we made Silvertoken easy to buy and own. All you need is a digital wallet and some Ether (ETH). Unsure what that means? Learn more by visiting the ‘Buying’ page below.

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Saving and Transacting with Silvertokens

Whether you're saving or spending Silvertokens, you're always benefiting from silver. Save your Silvertokens and watch your tokens become worth more and more silver. Spending your Silvertokens allows you to more reliably know how much purchasing power your posses.

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Silvertoken Growth

Silver is one of the few assets that has held value for thousands of years. It has stood the test of time and remained strong despite the collapse of countless economies. We foresee no reason why your silver bullion would not continue its track record of success. However, price appreciation in the face of inflation is not the only way Silvertoken will grow and you’re probably curious about the answer. Transactional growth. Each time a Silvertoken is used in a transaction, the transaction fee is used to purchase more vaulted silver to evenly back all of the tokens in circulation.

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Redeeming Silvertokens

Many investors hold silver or gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in their portfolio and these shares represent physical metal, well, allegedly. The same bankers that needed government bailouts for ripping off the American economy also manage these ETFs. Would you trust them to suddenly have a change of heart and manage these ETFs with honesty and integrity? Probably not. That’s why Silvertoken allows you to redeem your tokens for silver. Don’t just blindly trust our leadership team or vaulting partners, let us earn your trust. Redeem your Silvertokens for silver, anytime, no questions asked.

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The Process

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