Silver is a Safe Haven

Silver is highly valued in many industrial applications, as jewelry, and as a stable store of value. This makes it an excellent and safe investment.

With the global economic outlook uncertain, silver has the potential to increase in value as more investors look for safe havens.

Silver Tokens provide both the financial benefits of silver and the advantages of blockchain technology. Silver Tokens are easy to sell, spend, transfer, or save, securely and privately.

Silver in the vault is better than government currency in a bank.

Save, Spend, and Grow Your Wealth

When you buy Silver Tokens, you are buying physical silver secured in 12 global vaults located in 8 politically stable countries.

In the meantime, your Silver Tokens grow in value two ways.

You can instantly transfer your tokens anywhere in the world via the secure and decentralized Ethereum network. You can also redeem them for physical silver at any time at a vault location, or by mail.

Silver Tokens can grow in value in two ways:

  1. As the price of silver goes up, your Silver Tokens increase in value.
  2. When Silver Tokens are transferred, there is a small transaction fee. These fees go toward increasing the amount of silver each Silver Token represents. This means your silver holdings increase every month.

Current Ratio

oz. of Silver = 1 SLVT


3 Ways To Use Your
Silver Tokens

Owning Silver Tokens means you own silver. You can redeem for physical silver, exchange for Silver Dollars to spend, or sell your silver Dollars for USDC at the spot price at any time. Here’s how:



Start by Buying SilverTokens

Step 1

Step 2

The value of your Silver Tokens will always follow the spot price of silver, and will go up every month as 50% of transaction fees are used to add silver to the vaults.


How to use your Silver Tokens

Keep them in your wallet, like an inflation-proof savings account.

Redeem Silver Tokens for physical silver from one of our 12 vaults, in person or by mail. Learn How To Redeem

Exchange to Silver Dollars to use as money

Hold your tokens and watch the value of your investment go up as silver prices appreciate.


Why Trust Us With Your Silver?