Why silver?

Precious metals are one of the most stable assets to store value and protect wealth. As governments overspend and create inflation, currency becomes devalued.

The SilverToken combines the advantages of silver ownership with the capabilities of the digital world. So you enjoy a combination of two unprecedented benefits: the value of your money is protected and your spending ability is digitally empowered.

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Save, Transact and
Grow SilverTokens

When you buy SilverTokens, you own silver. You can keep it as a safe investment, use it to transact with others, or have your silver delivered where you want.

In the meantime, your SilverTokens grow in value two ways.

First, appreciation of silver: as silver increases in value, the SilverTokens you own are worth more.

Second, transactional fees: These accumulated fees occur whenever the tokens are sent, spent or traded and then the fees are evenly distributed to SilverToken holders as a velocity-based yield, increasing the amount of silver represented by each token.



Using SilverTokens


Transactions with SilverDollars

Our creation of SilverDollars enables silver to be used anytime and anywhere as real money. The SilverDollar is what government currency was prior to 1971 when currency was anchored to the gold standard. Until then, you could simply exchange your currency for the precious metal it represented. Now all currencies are anchored to the US Dollar. By contrast, the SilverDollar is always redeemable for 1.00 USD of silver.

Using SilverDollars | real money in the brick-and-mortar world

Receipt Money

Both the SilverToken and SilverDollar are Receipt Money, which is your proof of silver ownership. So you can easily transfer your ownership of silver for goods or services. The blockchain enables all transactions and confirms them, while your digital wallet lets you see your balance

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Exchange Your SilverTokens for Silver

Your SilverTokens, symbol SLVT, represents your direct silver ownership, so you can get the physical silver any time you want. Simply contact us to have your silver delivered anytime, shipped anywhere, or picked up from any of our 10 worldwide private vaults.

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Hold and Use Money that represents Silver.

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