Buying Silvertokens

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How to Buy

Purchasing a Silvertoken is the same as purchasing physical silver . In fact when a Silvertoken is purchased, an equivalent amount of physical silver is allocated within the vault for your tokens. This means all Silvertokens are fully backed by allocated silver allowing for Silvertokens to easily be redeemed.

Currently, there are three ways to purchase Silvertokens:


Purchasing Silvertokens with Ether (ETH)

The simplest way to purchase Silvertokens is with the cryptocurrency Ether(ETH). We recommend using the "Buy Silvertoken" feature which lists the current price of a Silvertoken. The price of Silvertoken moves with the price of silver. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to or setup a digital wallet.
  2. Visit "Buy Silvertoken" page.
  3. Enter your digital wallet address. This is the address where your Silvertokens will be sent.
  4. Enter the number of Silvertokens (SLVT) to purchase.
  5. Select "Click to calculate SLVT to ETH ratio" to calculate how much ETH is required to purchase.
  6. From your wallet send the amount of ETH to the Silvertoken Address.
  7. That is it! Your Silvertokens (SLVT) will be delivered directly to your digital wallet within a matter of minutes.

Converting Silver to Silvertokens

If you have physical silver, converting it to Silvertokens (SLVT) can actually earn you more on this smart investment. Dormant silver moves with the price of silver. Silvertokens does the same, and it also earns money with each transaction. Each time Silvertokens are transacted, a small percentage is added to the reserves in the vault translating to more silver in the vault and more earnings to Silvertoken holders. Thus, by "tokenizing" your dormant silver, you are adding to your wealth it’s simple. Deliver or ship your silver to one of our 8 vaults, and you will receive an equivalent amount of Silvertokens. All precious metals are accepted for tokenizing.

Here are the steps:
  1. Complete the "Tokenizing Application".
  2. Our "Vault Master" (SWP) will contact you by email with specific instructions on shipping or delivering.
  3. Ship or deliver your silver to one of our 8 vault locations.
  4. Once delivery to the vault is confirmed, your Silvertokens are sent to your digital wallet!

Note: Non-silver metals will be converted into silver at market rate.

Wire Funds to Silvertokens

If you are new to blockchain technology, Silvertoken is the safest asset to purchase. Here’s why.Silvertokens are the receipt for the purchase of silver, and just utilizes the blockchain technology for tracking ownership. So, if you want to purchase, sell or simply invest in silver, Silvertoken makes it easy.

Here are the steps:
  1. Complete the Wiring Instructions Form.
  2. When funds are received, we will notify you by email.
  3. You will need to set up a digital wallet and send us your wallet address.
  4. Then, your Silvertokens will be sent to you.