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Digital Currency + Physical Silver = Silvertoken

What is Silvertoken

A stable currency able to store value and wealth while resisting inflation and devaluation.

The Problem

Remember when a gallon of gas was only 26 cents or when the grocery bill was a fraction of what it is today? That was over 40 years ago when currencies were still backed by precious metals. Since then governments have been printing money like crazy and destroying the value of the money we work so hard to earn. We need a stable currency resistant to government and bank inflation and devaluation.

The Solution: Silvertoken

Silvertoken is the only digital currency backed by securely vaulted physical silver. Silvertokens are a digital receipt for the purchase of physical silver and can be exchanged for government issued currency or redeemed for physical silver.

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How it Works

  • Convert Your Money

    Easily convert your money into silver and receive a Silvertoken as your redeemable receipt

  • Digital Silvertokens

    Silvertokens are easily stored in a digital wallet like

  • Secure Vaulting

    Physical silver is allocated and stored in a high security vault

  • Organic Growth

    The physical silver backing each silvertoken increases each time a silvertoken is transferred

  • Redeemable for Silver

    Easily redeem your silvertokens for physical silver through our website

  • Freedom from Banks

    Take control of your money and avoid pointless fees charged by banks

Silvertoken Benefits

A Simple Token for Long Term Growth

Real Silver

Each Silvertoken represents the purchase of 0.999 fine silver professionally stored in fully insured class 3 security vaults. Prior to releasing Silvertokens into circulation, 1 Silvertoken = 1 Ounce of 0.999 Fine Silver. When more silver is offered, more Silvertokens are created, never diluting the value of silvertokens already in circulation.


Since Silvertoken is equivalent to purchasing physical silver, the volatility experienced in currency markets is significantly reduced. Silvertoken is a "safe haven" because it represents a physical asset with lower volatility.

Growth Potential

Every Silvertoken transaction has a 1% fee. Part of this fee (70%) is used for purchasing more silver to support the Silvertokens already in circulation. The fee causes the value of Silvertokens to grow because the amount of silver represented by each Silvertoken increases.


Silvertokens can be converted into government issued currency (ex. dollars, euros or yens) or you may redeem your Silvertokens for physical silver shipped directly to your home. Redemption will begin in January 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that enables users to make secure and pseudo anonymous transactions which are recorded on a public ledger or blockchain. All of the transactions are recorded and encrypted using cryptographic.

Silvertoken is not an “Initial Coin Offering”. We are a company that offers physical silver and storage services. Customers track their professionally stored silver through the possession of a digital token. Conversely, an ICO is when a company seeks startup capital to fund a new business venture through the issuance of a digital token. Investors of ICOs are buying into a venture that may someday be great but may also fail rendering their investment worthless.

Initially, silver is offered here on our website. After Silvertokens are freely released as an ERC-20 compatible token early next year, users may buy or sell tokens on the open market with other users, just like Bitcoin or Ethereum. All of these tokens are still redeemable receipts for physical silver.

New silver arriving at any of our vaults in Grand Cayman, Switzerland, or Singapore is verified at 3 separate points. (1)Upon arrival, bars are checked for the minter’s mark, the weight in ounces and silver purity. (2) Our inventory records of allocated silver are checked against the vaults to guarantee accuracy of our bars maker, serial number and quantity. (3) Audits of quantity and purity are performed by a 3rd party specializing in the field of precious metals. All vaults meet the "Vaulting Best Practices" as set forth by the London Bullion Market Association. A list of all current allocated physical silver including minter, bar number, and quantity will be available online early next year.

Silver managed by Silvertoken is stored in the form of bullion bars. While we are aware many people consider coins to be the best way to hold silver, there are two main reasons for our avoidance of coins. Firstly, silver bullion bars are more suited to the large amount of silver being stored. Bullion bar sizes typically range from 1 ounce to 1000 ounces. We will be storing authenticated 100 ounce marked bars. Secondly, the benefit to using bullion bars is their lack of connection to any country or bank. Should a country like the United States make holding large amounts of silver coins illegal (similar to what happened to gold in the 1930s) we do not want to be at the mercy of any country's political or fiscal policies.

Unlike existing currencies (crypto or government issued), Silvertokens represent physical allocated silver. Meaning, there is always physical silver in existence for the tokens you hold, with each token never representing less than 1 ounce of silver.

Fiat money is a type currency which holds no intrinsic value and is controlled by a centralized governing body. It is typically created and managed by a government as the legal tender used to fulfill any outstanding debt. Checkout the video below for a brief explanation.

A Megabox™ represents 1,000,000 ounces of .999 pure silver coins. The name combines a "megabit" which is approximately 1 million "bits", and "monsterbox" which is the name given to a 1,000 ounce box of .999 pure silver coins.

No. All vaults used for storage are privately owned, unassociated with any bank and do not include the silver stored as an asset of the vault.

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Our roadmap offers a look into our accomplishments and expected timeline for the future. The Silvertoken smartcontract has been developed on the Ethereum Network and is ready for release. We began offering silver at an introductory rate in November, followed by additional silver offered at normal rates in December. Tokens will be distributed to digital wallets in early 2018 and will begin trading on exchanges shortly thereafter allowing holders to sell their Silvertokens for government issued currencies. Our silver redemption program will launch in January giving silvertoken holders the choice to redeem their tokens for physical silver. In 2018, we plan to offer additional Megaboxes, an iOS application for managing redemptions and a debit card to streamline using silvertokens for purchases.

the only crypto currency redeemable for silver

Why Silvertoken?

Silvertoken was created out of a fervent concern for our current financial crisis and the urgent need to preserve our financial future. We seek to protect our wealth from an uncertain future. The greatest issue we see with current financial allocations is they are either illiquid, overly expensive or tied to a fiat currency. However, what we find most disconcerting is the attachment and control most allocations have to banks. Even financial products connected to silver are controlled by the largest banks in the world. When it comes time for another bailout, do you think these banks will put our interests first? We don’t believe they will, either. The only way to truly protect your assets is to grab the bull by the horns and take control of your financial future. We believe in silver and the value it continues to hold. By connecting silver to a blockchain, we have created a way to easily purchase silver, effectively track ownership through the use of tokens and safely protect your silver in a secure vault. If you share our strong belief in silver, we ask you to join us in this journey to protect and preserve your wealth through times of prosperity and decline.

I want to just obey the Constitution. The Constitution says only gold and silver can be legal tender.

Ron Paul

Former Congressman from Texas

Paper is Poverty. It is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.

Thomas Jefferson

Third President of the United States

If I have cash and I can't figure a way to put it into real estate or my business, I hold it in gold and silver.

Robert Kiyosaki

American Businessman and Author

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