Silvertoken (SLVT)

Silvertoken Symbol

What is Silvertoken?

Silvertoken and SilverDollar are both like money was prior to 1971 - Redeemable on Demand. They are in fact better because they are fully backed by silver. The time has come to bring silver into the modern era. Advancements in technology and blockchain have allowed the creation of digital currency combined with silver which has historically proven its ability to hold value. Silver is now usable as a currency and easily held as an investment.

Redemption is easy. Since all tokens are fully backed by silver, token holders may choose to redeem their tokens for silver at anytime. You already own the silver backing your tokens by holding Silvertokens so redemption is merely your decision to exchange your tokens for your silver. You redeem your tokens, we ship your silver. So easy, a banker could do it.

Otherwise, tokens may simply be held allowing you to benefit from growth within the currency. Growth occurs as transaction fees are generated from both Silvertoken and SilverDollar. As more silver is purchased with transaction fees, each token is backed by more and more silver. The amount of silver backing each token increases, so the amount of silver you own also increases.

Put your dormant silver to work. If right now the silver sitting in your basement is, well, just sitting in your basement. Yes, it’s a good idea to own silver to protect yourself against inflation but could your silver be doing more? By owning silver with Silvertokens or tokenizing the silver already own (delivering it to one of our vaults), you can put your silver to work. You can benefit from the growth.

Silvertoken is an asset backed currency that will always retain value regardless of governments and central banks.

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Silver Bullions Stacked

The Silver

Silver comes in many shapes, sizes and purities. Silver is at the cornerstone of Silvertoken, so it’s important all vaulted silver meets or exceeds specific standards. For example, the silver content in sterling silver misses the mark; this silver isn’t pure enough. We only vault 99.9% pure investment grade silver to back Silvertokens. It’s important your Silvertokens are backed by silver bullion that is recognized in the international precious metals market as an investment. It is also a good practice for all vaulted silver to be uniform in weight and purity. Standards for investment grade silver have been outlined by the London Bullion Market Association and these standards are commonly referred to as “Good Delivery”. Although we may not agree with everything the LBMA does, we can agree that the international standards they have proposed are a good starting point for miners, minters, refiners and Silvertoken alike.

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Silver Bullions Stacked

SLVT Token Details

Token Name SilvertokenTM
Token Symbol SLVT
Blockchain Ethereum ERC20
Token Price The price of silver.
Token Growth Transaction Fees increase the amount of silver backing each Silvertoken.
Silvertoken Ratio as of 10/30/2018 1 Silvertoken = 1 oz. 99.9% pure silver