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What is Silvertoken?

Silvertoken is a digital currency fully backed by securely vaulted silver bullion. All tokens are fully redeemable for the silver they represent. By backing Silvertoken with a physical asset, we have created a stable, inflationary proof currency. A Silvertoken is essentially the receipt for the purchase of silver that allows users to transact with this digital receipt.

A small transaction fee is collected each time a Silvertoken is sent, paid by the sender in Silvertokens. The majority of the fee is used to purchase more silver to further increase the silver backing of tokens already in circulation. The remainder of the fee is used to cover vaulting the silver and other related overhead. Silvertoken is a stable currency that will retain value regardless of the current trend in the cryptocurrency market.

Silver Bullions Stacked

Silver Bullion

All vaulted silver bullion must Silvertoken’s meet minimum standards. Silver must be of investment grade with a purity of 99.9% or greater. This ensures that all vaulted silver is uniform and of equal value. The only variation in silver bullion is bar size. Some bars are 100 ounce while others are 1000 ounce.

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Silver Bullions Stacked

SLVT Token Details

Token Name Silvertoken
Token Symbol SLVT
Blockchain Ethereum
Compatibility ERC20 Compliant
Current Token Supply 1,000,000 Target 50,000,000
Maximum Supply Tokens may be minted to balance the vaulted silver reserves.
Token Price Fluctuates with global silver market prices.