Our Mission

We believe money should be real wealth,
it should purchase the same amount in five years as it did the day we earned it.

Take control of your money.
Make your money a real asset to store your wealth.

Simple and Transparent

Government currency and the banking system are complex on purpose to mask the corruption and greed of the system.
SilverToken is simple to understand the value of your money, and enables you to hold wealth.

Equal For All

Government currencies and financial markets are manipulated and abused. People are helpless victims of the actions of governments.
Precious metals are the same for everyone, and the sound money we need.

Technology and Silver

Silver has preserved wealth for thousands of years, the value is transparent, and a tangible way to store value.
Now it's practical to use silver as money.

Discover How It Works

Since 2017 SilverToken has created money that retains value.
Meet The SilverToken Team

Richard Malik

Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founder of SilverToken

Andrew Malik

Chief Operating Officer

Co-Founder of SilverToken

Mark Yaxley

Service Provider

General Manager

John Votta

Finance Advisor

President of Votta & Company

Henry Orren Merren IV

Legal Advisor

Attorney-at-Law (Cayman Islands)
Barrister (Inner Temple)