The Process

It's simple. Silvertoken is a digital currency fully backed by vaulted silver.

  • All Silvertokens may be redeemed for a minimum of 1 oz. of 99.99% pure silver.
  • Sending a Silvertoken incurs a 1% transaction fee.
  • Sending less than 2 Silvertokens is free.
  • A Transaction fee is used to purchase more silver; this increases the silver backing each Silvertoken in circulation, and also cover vaulting costs.
  • The ratio of the number of ounces of silver per Silvertoken is called the "Silvertoken Ratio".
  • Transaction Fees increase the "Silvertoken Ratio".
  • Purchase with ETH or Government Currency.
  • Exchange (tokenize) your physical silver for Silvertokens.
  • Exchange your Silvertokens for Government Currency.
  • Exchange (Redeem) your Silvertokens for silver.
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