Silver, tokenized.

If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it…unless it’s a Silvertoken.

Silvertoken keeps your silver’s worth tomorrow, next year, and forever into the future. It’s also liquid, so you can spend it virtually anywhere.
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The digital silver that lets you protect your wealth in the safe haven of silver. Every Silvertoken represents 1 Troy Ounce of physical .999 pure silver, insured Free and safely stored Free in a Class 3 UL vault.

  • INDEPENDENCE:Silvertoken is not associated with any government or bank.
  • FREE STORAGE:Grow your silver investment without paying to physically hold it.
  • LIQUIDITY:Spend Silvertokens on anything, just like you would a Bitcoin or exchange for other crypto currency.
  • FREE INSURANCE:Rest assured knowing that your investment is protected, underwritten by Lloyds of London.


Short and sweet content about silver.

Quick, valuable information.

Silver, liquid.

Sell Silvertoken for cash or redeem it for .999 pure silver bullion, delivered to your door, no questions asked.

Since Silvertokens are your receipt for the purchase of silver, we will buy them back from you, send silver to you, or instantly exchange them for cryptocurrency.

Silver, stable.

Even in the worst case scenario, a Silvertoken will always be worth at least 1 Troy Ounce of .999 pure silver.

Silvertokens are fully Allocated by physical silver bullion, that grows from transaction fees increasing the value of each Silvertoken gradually, safely.

Silver, independent.

Silvertoken is a fully allocated, private currency.

Silvertoken silver is not associated with any government or bank, meaning there’s zero risk of it being seized, confiscated, or taken over in any way.

Silvertoken was founded on a commitment to security and trust.

Interested but have questions, speak with a Silvertoken™ Specialist!