Silvertoken is Your Silver Tokenized

If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it…unless it’s a Silvertoken.

Silvertoken safely digitizes your silver for tomorrow, next year, and into the future.
Get growth form your dormant silver.
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Silvertoken (SLVT) = Silver

Each silvertoken is backed by silver securely stored.

Silvertoken is a digital currency which utilizes the Ethereum blockchain allowing users to invest in and transact with a currency fully backed by silver. Get silvertokens by converting your Ether or tokenizing your silver. All silvertokens are fully redeemable for the silver they represent and may represent more silver as the total silver backing grows.

Silvertoken Growth

A Silvertoken will always represent a minimum of 1 troy ounce of .999 pure silver.

A 1% transaction fee is applied when sending a silvertoken to cover vaulting, insurance and overhead costs. The remaining balance of this fee is used to purchase additional silver to back the current tokens in circulation, thus creating growth within the token. Put your silver stack to work.

Silvertoken Liquidity

Physical silver meets the liquidity of fiat so you can spend your stack when you want.

Spend Silvertokens like you would Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. Spend your Silvertokens like fiat with a debt card by utilizing existing payment processing infrastructure.

Redeemable for Silver

Sell Silvertokens for fiat or redeem Silvertokens for .999 pure silver, delivered direct.

Silvertoken is your digital receipt for the purchase of physical silver. All silvertokens are redeemable for the silver they represent.

Independent Silver

Silvertoken’s silver reserve is fully allocated and private.

Silvertoken is not associated with any government and operates outside the banking system. Thus, there’s zero chance of the Silvertoken silver being seized or confiscated by any government. Silvertoken’s silver reserve is kept offshore in Grand Cayman where privacy and personal property rights are the strongest in the world. Additionally, Grand Cayman also does not have any Value Added Tax (VAT).

Silvertoken Transactions

All Silvertoken transactions are recorded on an immutable blockchain ledger.

Once a transaction is verified and complete, both parties may see proof on the blockchain. Transactions cannot be reversed, and Silvertoken ownership is indisputable.

Stack Silvertokens

If you like stacking silver, you’ll love stacking Silvertokens.

Silvertokens grow from transaction fees unlike the stack in your home. The silver that represents each token, Silvertoken silver, is insured and underwritten by Lloyds of London and audited by Bureau Veritas Group, unlike the silver in your home. Silvertoken silver is stored offshore in a UL Class 3 Vault. Silvertokens increase in value as the price of silver rises and are redeemable for silver anytime.

Silvertoken Wallet

Safely store and manage your Silvertokens (SLVT) in your Ethereum wallet.

By holding your Silvertokens in an Ethereum wallet, your tokens are secured by one of the world’s most prominent blockchains. If you prefer a hardware wallet offline for added security, we recommend a Trezor or Ledger Nano S.


Creating Security and Stability

Unmanipulated digital silver with transparent value.