The SilverDollar


What’s SilverDollar?

SilverDollar (SLVD) is a stable digital currency backed by silver.

This makes SLVD the perfect digital currency for day-to-day use. Unlike other currencies like bitcoin, no complex calculations are necessary to understand the price of goods: it’s the same as in dollars.

But at the same time, SLVD can be redeemed for the physical silver backing it by converting it to SilverTokens, unlinking your money from fiat currency.

Current Price of Silver / 1 US Dollar = SilverDollar (SLVD)

Silver Bullions Stacked

How to Use

  1. Easy To Use
    • No calculators necessary. If you know the dollar price, you know the SLVD price.
  2. Stable Value
    • The paired value to the USD makes SLVD a good option to preserve trading profits.
  3. Transaction Rewards
    • Part of the transactions fees is rewarded back to active trades, 4 times a year.