Like a SilverToken, each SilverDollar is private money. But, unlike physical silver, it can be easily used for daily purchases of goods and services.

Please note: The SilverToken offers protection from inflation. If the buying power of the dollar goes down, its value remains the same. But the SilverDollar represents money you can buy with in the real world as easily as you can with dollars or a credit card but its value adjusts with the US dollar, so it does not provide protection against inflation.


The investment-grade
we hold

Silver is the cornerstone of the SilverToken organization. So It’s vital that all our vaulted silver meets or exceeds specific standards. For example, the silver content in "Sterling Silver" isn’t pure enough to meet our standards.

At SilverToken, we only vault 99.9% pure investment-grade silver.

It’s critical that the silver behind SilverTokens and SilverDollars is recognized in the international markets for precious metals.

The international standards for silver are defined by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). These standards are commonly referred to as what is required for “Good Delivery.”

Although we do not agree with the entire philosophy of the LBMA, we abide by its standards, because we believe they are a good standard for miners, minters, refiners and SilverToken.

As a result, you can always trust the value of the SilverTokens and SilverDollars.

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