Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP)
and, SilverToken

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP)

Strategic Wealth Preservation the SilverToken Vault Masters

Since the creation of SilverToken in 2017, Strategic Wealth Preservation has forged a bond of trust with the SilverToken Team. Thus, SilverToken has appointed Strategic Wealth Preservation as our “Globe Vault Masters” storing, insuring and exchanging SilverTokens for silver.

Why Strategic Wealth Preservation?

All of Strategic Wealth Preservation vaults are private and are not connected with any bank or government. The vaults in the network are located in the safest countries in the world, and all silver is fully insured by Lloyd’s of London.

Strategic Wealth Preservation Auditing

At SilverToken we track the silver inventory daily. Strategic Wealth Preservation confirms SilverToken inventory every month and audits twice per year. An annual independent audit is performed by Bureau Veritas, the world’s largest commodities auditor.

Strategic Wealth Preservation Vaulting Network

The Strategic Wealth Preservation Vaulting Network is significant because silver can be purchased and held outside a country that may have a Value Added Tax (VAT). SilverTokens can be exchanged at any of the vaults within the network.

Strategic Wealth Preservation Exchange

SilverTokens are your receipt for the direct legal ownership of silver. They are fully represented by vaulted silver within the Strategic Wealth Preservation vaulting network. Thus, the silver you own is stored and insured at no cost to you, and you may exchange your SilverTokens for silver directly with Strategic Wealth Preservation who will deliver or buy your silver anytime.

Strategic Wealth Preservation Vaulting Locations

There are ten vaults within the global network where SilverToken holders can exchange tokens for silver. The vaults are located in:

  • Cayman in KY
  • Delaware in USA
  • Miami in USA
  • Texas in USA
  • Toronto in CA
  • Singapore in SG
  • New Zealand in NZ
  • Liechtenstein in LI
  • Zurich in CH
  • Frankfurt in DE

  • Conclusion

    SilverToken’s silver is stored in private vaults with a company specializing in the logistics and storing of precious metals. Wealthy people from around the world preserve their wealth in precious metals within the Strategic Wealth Preservation vaulting network. The vaults are safe, secure and all contents are fully insured by Lloyd’s of London. The silver is routinely audited by three separate parties, SilverToken, SWP and Bureau Veritas. SilverToken, partnered with Strategic Wealth Preservation, is clearly the best way to preserve wealth with options to spend or redeem silver anytime around the world. Become independent from the banking system and government currency. Use SilverTokens.

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