Cryptocurrency shopping online keeps growing,
and if you are not accepting them, you are losing this growing portion of sales,
and not receiving their advantages.

But there is the risk of losing money when you accept them, due to the inherent volatility.

SilverDollar gives you a stable price with fast clearing and refunds that you alone control.

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Key Points of SilverDollar

  • Each SilverDollar represents ownership of $1 USD worth of silver. This means that, different from cryptocurrencies the value of 1 SLVD is always, invariably, $1 USD.
  • This removes the drawbacks of instability.
  • Always worth $1 USD, your prices don’t need to be constantly converted and recalculated.
  • The value is stable, your revenue’s value is safe. This makes it the perfect solution for holding your revenue until you need to convert it to your preferred government currency.
  • Converting SilverDollar to SilverTokens is easy if you want to own silver.

Instant - Buy Back

SilverDollar was created by the same team as SilverToken,
the easiest way to own
and trade silver.

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