SilverToken’s Private Vaults

SilverToken Symbol

Meet The Vault Masters

SilverToken’s silver is stored in private vaults with a company specializing in acquiring and storing precious metals for top investors worldwide. Top investors include Dave Morgan, Doug Casey, and Dealers like SD Bullion, Bank of England.

The vaults are not just safe. Their content is also fully insured by Lloyd’s of London, one of world’s foremost insurance providers. The silver is audited annually by Bureau Veritas, the world’s largest commodities auditor.

Silver Bullions Stacked

Vault Services

SilverToken’s has built relationships for SilverToken users to take advantage of the our vaulting infrastructure.

  1. Redeem Silver
    • We handle the shipping of redeemed silver. The silver can be delivered anywhere in the world — or picked up at any of the private vaults.
  2. Transfer Silver
    • You can deliver silver to any of our vaults and redeem your SilverTokens from another vault at any time, example - deliver in Germany and pick-up at our vault in Canada.
  3. Tokenize Silver
    • We can receive and your silver, converting it to SLVT. We set up secure shipments, additionally, we can accept delivery of your silver to any of our vaults.
  4. Quality Silver
    • We source the silver for SLVT. Our connections to precious metal traders guarantee the silver allocated is of the finest investment grade silver .999%.
    • Vault Locations

      Our global networks of vaults include eight vaults SilverToken holders can use to redeem or Tokenize silver. The vaults are in:

    • Cayman in KY
    • Delaware in USA
    • Miami in USA
    • Texas in USA
    • Toronto in CA
    • Singapore in SG
    • New Zealand in NZ
    • Liechtenstein in LI
    • Zurich in CH
    • Frankfurt in DE