digital transactions

Why should you buy
of silver?

You’ll enjoy these many benefits:


Velocity-Based Growth/Tield

Growing value based on a 1% fee on all transactions. So tour silver doesn't sit idle


Easy Movement

You'll have the flexibility to move silver from one vault to another at no charge

Private ownership

We do not and are not required to report ownership to anyone.

Free custodial storage

We store the silver bullion on which your SilverTokens are based at no charge. If you were to store your silver bullion yourself, the storage would cost a substantial amount.

You’re in great company. Our vaults hold precious metals for some of the world’s most famous and wealthiest people.

In a crisis, you would not be able to transfer your silver bullion quickly to a different country.

Simple delivery and pickup

You can request delivery of your SilverTokens when and where you want them. You also have the ability to select which of our 10 vaults to pick up your silver.

Private transactions

You’ll be able to buy or sell to anyone anytime, because your SilverTokens work just like cash.

Free insurance

Insuring silver in difficult if you do not have a Class 3 Vault and guards with guns 24/7/365

Convenient to sell anytime

Purchasing silver or any other precious metal means that someday you’ll want to sell your it.

When you own SilverTokens, you do not need to pay to ship your silver to the purchaser.

With SilverTokens, we guarantee to pay you the spot price of your silver anytime.

The payment can be done faster than usual, too, because we know the quantity and purity of the silver in our vaults.


Compare these benefits
with the costs and challenges of
buying silver

You’ll see that SilverTokens are the far better
way to buy silver.


What you know before you buy silver bullion

How the usual cost of buying silver or any other precious metal is calculated:
The Spot Price + Dealer Premium = Current Retail Price

What you learn after you
buy bullion

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