Time Remaining for
Partially Discounted Rate

Dec. 01 2017
9:00 EST
Start Time
MegaBox™ #
Silver Available
200,000 oz.
Tier 2 (partially discounted rate)
above spot
1 : 1
Current Silver/Token
Jan. 2018
Earliest Redemption
Introductory Discounted Rate

The Silver from the first MegaBox (1,000,000 oz.) will be available for purchase through silvertoken.com at a discounted rate.

  • Time period Premium Discount Off Future Megabox Pricing
  • Introductory rate for the first 200,000 oz. 45% Discount
  • Partially Discounted rate for the next 400,000 oz. 30% Discount
  • Partially Discounted rate for the remaining 400,000 oz. 15% Discount

Only 200,000 oz. of Silver will be released from the first MegaBox during the Introductory Period.

If there is any Silver remaining from the Introductory Period, it will be sold during the Partially Discounted Period.
Spot pricing of .999 Silver from the London Buillion Market Association (LBMA).