Why you can trust
the value of our digital


Physical audits by
Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a world-leading inspection and testing organization for the commodities industry. The bureau provides services across oil, gas, petrochemicals, metals, minerals, agri-commodities and fertilizers. The Bureau provides an independent audit of our silver holdings annually.

We recommend holding some silver coins

You’ll find them convenience for everyday spending in the real world and for reliable money if an emergency arises.

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A company
you can trust

Many experts have spoken for years about the urgent need for governments to bring back sound money – money that holds its value because it’s based on something with real value, not just government fiat.

We’re the first company to do it.

Since 2017, our singular goal has been that money should have the same purchasing power in 10 years that it had the day it was earned.

To create the New Silver Standard, we acquired the silver bullion to back our tokens.

Then we built a secure network of 10 insured, guarded vaults in politically stable countries, with all the silver insured by Lloyd’s of London.

We guarantee buybacks or independent redemptions of your SilverTokens on demand at the daily spot price of silver.

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Technology you
can trust

Blockchain technology has now existed for over 12 years.

The secure network the transactions occur on makes the technology safer than any bank.

Its reliability has been proven by billions of transactions.

We utilize the Ethereum blockchain network, a leading global network of over 30,000 computers to facilitate transactions and confirm transfer of ownership.



The value of SilverTokens can be calculated by :

Read the smart contract current amount
The current price of silver.

The value of our vaulted silver always exceeds the value of all SilverTokens in circulation.


Why you can’t
trust today’s currencies

This is the first time in history that all the world’s currencies are fiat currencies, which means their value relies on faith. They’re not backed by anything with real value, like silver or gold.

So it’s always tempting for leaders to solve their fiscal problems by printing more money. The result is dilution of the currency’s value. And throughout history dilution has invariably led to extinction of the currency. It finally becomes worthless.

Today, this inherent unsoundness applies to the US Dollar, to which the value of other currencies is pegged. The US Dollar is backed by nothing but faith.

Meanwhile, America’s debt is piling up and 21% more US Dollars were printed in 2020 ($4.5 Trillion). This is more than the amount created in the previous 5 years.

Look around at different countries. It’s frighteningly evident that politicians and central bankers have not learned a thing from history.

As a result, protecting your assets is up to you. Now is the time to shield your wealth and invest in precious metal – the timeless currency that can’t be debased.

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