1What is SilverToken?

SilverToken (SLVT) is a receipt for the purchase of silver (also know as a "Warehouse Receipt", "Claim Check") which can be exchanged for silver on demand.

SilverDollar (SLVD) is money always worth $1.00 USD of silver. This is how government currency was prior to 1971 (redeemable for silver).

2Why silver and not gold?

The demand for precious metals comes from three main areas: industrial applications, investors and jewelry. The demand for silver out paces gold because of its wide array of applications and its more restrictive supply.

Industrial demand continue to lead the way for silver with electronics comprising over half of the overall annual demand. The new "Internet of thing" has substantially increased demand and will continue to grow for years to come. Thus, as demand continues to rise, and supply remains constant, the price will rise in the near future.

The Gold-to-Silver Ratio (the value of ounces of silver equal to the value of one ounce of gold) is also close to an all-time high. One can recall the historically mean reverting nature of prices and apply this concept to silver and gold. It tells us that the price of silver is a bargain when compared to the price of gold.

3How does the cost of SilverTokens compare with Online Dealers?

Silver is always purchased at: Spot + Dealers Premium
Silver is always sold at: Spot - Dealers Premium
Plus, Value Added Tax (VAT)
These cost could Not be avoided when you purchase from other dealers.

Other costs are: Delivery, Shipping, Insurance, then again when you go to sell.

With SilverTokens you pay: Spot + Dealers Premium, and 1% or less to sell. With, Free Insured Storage.

Also, remember look into purchasing SilverToken from an existing holder on and exchange and you can sometimes get silver for less then spot price.

Remember, Look at your entire cost of ownership.

4How can SilverTokens SLVT and SilverDollars be used?

Silver has been use as money for thousands of years so, digitally exchange them for goods and services by simply sending from one digital wallet to another. Additionally, silver serves as an excellent asset for maintaining your wealth.

In 2020 the silver spot price went down to under $12 USD per oz. but the deliverable price was held constant by the holders.

5How do I view my SilverToken and SilverDollar balance in my digital Wallet?

In order to view your balance, you must be using an ERC20 compatible wallet (ex. MyEtherWallet, Trust, MetaMask). Simply add the SilverToken or SilverDollar smartcontract address to your wallet and your balance is viewable. Read more...

6How do I purchase silver and get my SilverTokens?

SilverTokens (SLVT) may be acquired several different ways.
Purchase SLVT directly from our “Purchase” button at the top of all pages. Read more...

7What is the Difference between SilverToken and other Silver Dealers?

When you purchase silver with storage from other dealers, you receive a digital receipt. SilverToken is the digital receipt you can use as money, we call it "Receipt MoneyTM". The benefit of SilverToken is with your digital receipt, storage and insurance are free. Plus, you are able to transfer your silver ownership for daily purchases (like other money) as well as exchange for silver any time, or for US Dollars.

8What is “tokenizing”?

If you need free and insured storage in a private vault, and have your silver stack grow, tokenizing is for you. Tokenizing is the act of converting a physical asset into a digital receipt. With SilverToken we have tokenized silver by creating SilverTokens (SLVT) giving you a digital receipt for your newly-vaulted silver. Plus, you can get your silver anytime.

All metals arriving at the vault are assayed and weighed. You will receive an equivalent amount of SilverTokens (SLVT) sent to your digital wallet after your metals have completed this process. Free, fully-insured shipping is provided and a one time fee of 5% is charged in silver weight to cover the operations associated with securing your metals within the vault.

9What is meant by “Redeemable for Silver”?

Aligned with our belief to create sound money, all SilverTokens are fully redeemable on demand for a minimum of 1 : 1 silver. Each SilverToken is fully represented by vaulted silver, and initially the ratio of silver to SLVT started at 1:1 but has since grown / yielded, meaning, for each SLVT in circulation there is more than 1 troy ounce of 99.9% silver secured within the vaults. All SilverTokens in circulation may be sent back to SilverToken and exchanged for the silver represented by the token (this is called exchanging or redeeming). Thus, SLVT is commodity money. When redeeming, a minimum of 100 ounces must be redeemed.

10How many SilverTokens (SLVT) will exist?

Each time silver is purchased, the smartcontract “mints” a new SilverToken. The new SilverToken then purchases silver at the current price. This allocates physical silver within the private vaults. This mechanism provides for a theoretical “infinite” amount of SilverTokens SLVT without creating inflation within the "Sound Money" system. Remember, when SilverTokens are redeemed from vault, the opposite is true: the amount of silver and the token are removed from the "Sound Money" ecosystem.

11How could my SilverTokens grow in value?

There are two scenarios in which SLVT will increase in value and both scenarios may happen independently or in conjunction with one another.

  1. As SLVT is used transaction fees are generated, the fees are used to purchase more silver to equally increases the silver of each SilverTokens already in circulation. For Example, initially the SilverToken ratio was 1:1, but more silver has been purchased with these fees so, the ratio of SLVT to silver has increased. Thus, each SilverToken in circulation represent more silver. This is growth from the velocity of the SLVT and SLVD Sound Money.
  2. The global market price of silver increases. As your government currency's purchasing value declines (daily), silver priced in that currency (ex. dollars, euros or yen) will increase in value.
12No Cost for Vaulting, Insuring silver or holding SilverTokens

Yes, $0 vaulting: All silver is insured and vaulted free of charge. There is only a small cost when sending, redeeming or tokenizing. This is how we pay for these cost.

13What are the fees associated with SilverToken SLVT?

Here is the breakdown of fees associated with SilverToken:

  1. Transacting with SilverToken (SLVT)
    • Free when sending 2 SLVT or less
    • 1% when sending 3-500 SLVT
    • 0.8% when sending 501 or more SLVT
  2. Tokenizing
    • 5% of the weight in silver delivered to the vault.
  3. Redeeming
    • A minimum 100 ounces of silver must be redeemed. The cost of shipping, insurance, and tax will vary by your location. If you pick-up at one of our vaults handling and tax may apply, this depends on the country, vault and quantity.
    • Merchant and Commercial accounts call for discounts.
14What are the fees associated with SilverDollar SLVD?

Here is the breakdown of fees associated with SilverDollar:

  1. Transacting with SilverDollar (SLVD)
    • .45% when sending SLVD
  2. Converting from SilverDollar (SLVD) to SilverToken (SLVT)
    • 0% Transaction/Exchange Fee (only network fee)
15How do I know there is actually silver in the vault?

Our vaults stores precious metals for the wealthiest people throughout the world. Their vaults are private and not connected to any government or bank. All silver is insured and inventoried monthly, an independent third party audit a minimum of once per year for purity and quantity by Bureau Veritas. If you hold more than 100K SilverTokens, you may schedule a free guided tour of any of their vaults.
Please, feel free to redeem your tokens for silver any time and save us the storage and insurance cost.

16How are metrics like the SLVT ratio and current token supply calculated?

The Total Current Token Supply is limited only by the amount of available silver on the open market. Each time silver is purchased, the smartcontract “mints” a new SilverToken which is simultaneously represented by this new silver within the vaults.

The Circulating Supply is the amount of SilverTokens that have been purchased from the SLVT smartcontract plus the amount of SilverTokens in the reserve account backing SilverDollars SLVD in circulation. All of these tokens are direct legal ownership of physical silver.

The SilverToken Ratio / Yield is calculated by dividing the amount of vaulted silver by the amount of SilverTokens in circulation. Plus, the amount of SilverTokens in the reserve account representing the silver for all SilverDollars SLVD in circulation.

17Will SilverToken offer a debit card?

Yes/Maybe! The SilverDollar Card will allow further usability of SLVD in daily transactions. By utilizing existing infrastructures set in place by payment processors, SLVD may be spent just like widely accepted government currencies. The SilverDollar Card will be made available for a test group, when we believe the banking system will not jeopardize the SilverToken Sound Money system.

18Receipt Money

This is what we call our tokens. They are the proof of purchase and are something we are all familiar with receive when shopping at stores. If you need to return an item to a store, this is necessary to prove your purchase. "Receipt Money" is simply the token that may be used or exchanged for the silver. So, SilverTokens are your digital proof of the purchase for silver. They can be spent just like other money and, additionally you may exchange your SilverTokens and SilverDollars for silver.

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